Performatives Konzert mit und von Anthony Hüseyin

A concert, lecture performance, and party all at once. Anthony Hüseyin centers their non-binary journey and its relation to Islam, Zeki Müren, and Urfa while deconstructing the cis-heteronormative patriarchal constructions and emphasizing the genderless third person pronoun O.

In the letter «O», which has neither beginning nor end, the line runs in circles and repeats its shape again and again. Anthony Hüseyin to present their new album performance «O», in which they return to the rediscovery of their gender, their childhood, and their attachment to Zeki Müren, who is considered by many to be the most important queer exponent of Turkish Art (Classical) Music history. Anthony considers Müren as the first example of a non- binary Turkish artist and a great influence on their music style. Their album alludes to Müren’s as well as contemporary electro-pop music while referring to the third genderless person pronoun in Turkish called «O», which means «he», «she» and «it» in one word. Thus, their concept album «O» symbolizes Anthony’s personal and artistic quest as a queer, POC, non-binary musician from Turkey. Stylistically, the album O is a combination of contemporary electro-pop music with a pinch of techno-house-nu-disco and the Turkish Art Music (Türk Sanat Müzigi) of Zeki Müren. Anthony in this album performance approaches to voice as a spectrum as well as their gender and expands the normative gender constructions and thus voice.

Written & Directed by Anthony Hüseyin
Performers: Emre Busse, Michael(a) Daoud,

Das Konzert wird in englischer und türkischer Sprache stattfinden.


Do., 08.06.2023 20-22Uhr


Queer Festival 2023

Künstler*innen 2023