Drag me up und Beauty Corner

Drag me up und Beauty Corner

Workshop mit QueerBerg Black & Brown Drag-Community

Hi! We are beautiful and so are you. At the festival , we want every single one to feel free and pretty, comfortable and seen. Welcome more color into your face and life with our Queerberg Beauty Quings who will provide you with the most lit drag , daily / night make-up and henna painting. Make-up has no gender but can be extremely affirming for trans women and non-binary people, so get ready to GLOW! Have you seen our faces? We know what we do. You will find us outside with our dressing tables, make-up supplies and lots of knowledge. Come early and let the Queerberg Beauty Quings pamper you a bit.


Fr., 09.06.2023 14-16Uhr

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Anmeldung unter: stadtdrama@theaterdo.de

Queer Festival 2023

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